Monday, 8 October 2012

A gelati tour of Florence and Rome

Vivoli - my favourite
I've recently been travelling in Europe with my family who were visiting from Australia. They were keen to see Italy, so we spent the best part of a week there. The good thing about having my 10 year old nephew in tow was that there was always an excuse to stop for gelato, even if trying to narrow down the selection to just two or three flavours at a time proved a challenge. While we only had time to visit Florence and Rome, we still managed to spend a good deal of it with a cone or cup in our hands. So while this is just a mini review of the gelati we ate, the quality in Florence was far superior, and cheaper, to that in Rome, and the beautiful Vivoli was my favourite with its strikingly fresh fruity flavours.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Duck & Waffle: everybody's waffling

Duck & Waffle
I've not told anyone this before. For my 11th birthday I really wanted tickets to see Culture Club in concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The band was riding high in the charts in 1984 with Colour by Numbers, my dad was grooving to Karma Chameleon and all seemed to be right with the world. Instead, we went to the revolving restaurant at the top of Centrepoint Tower in Sydney and had dinner. I sat patiently until dessert was served waiting for the tickets to emerge, but sadly they didn't. I don't remember anything about the food we ate that night, but I do remember getting lost finding my way back to the table after going to the loo thanks to that rotation. That and disappointment at having no tickets to see Boy George. As a result, eating at a great height always comes with a tinge of trepidation for me. So it was in that frame of mind that I stepped into the glass elevator and hurtled upwards to the 40th floor to Duck & Waffle.