Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Almanak at The Standard: next level smørrebrød in Copenhagen

The Standard
I just love Copenhagen even though it’s one of those cities that you may leave harbouring a slight inferiority complex. Oh you know, the impossibly good looking locals and their chiselled cheek bones will make you wish your parents swam in a different gene pool while the elegant simplicity of the interior design aesthetic will suggest that you throw out everything you own and start fresh with bare wood and muted natural colours. Actually, if you put those two elements together (the cheek bones and the design that is), you come close to the experience you might have at Almanak, a recently opened eatery right on the harbour’s edge around the corner from the tourist magnet that is Nyhavn. Sensational seasonal Danish food served in a comfortable room by the best of the locals is something to be savoured, whatever the psychiatrist bill.

Before you read on, there is a longer post with recommendations of my favourite places to eat in Copenhagen. You can find it here.