Sunday, 3 November 2013

Eating well in Copenhagen

Bocuse trio at Geranium
So you're going to Copenhagen and you don't have a table at Noma. Who cares?! There is so much for the food-inclined tourist to do in Copenhagen that doesn't require hitting the refresh button on a website on the slim chance of getting a table at the former World's Best Restaurant (TM). In recent years, a number of places have opened up clearly influenced by Noma and its "new Nordic" vibe, but have made the concept more accessible and affordable. Actually, on expense, it's a bit of a misconception that Copenhagen is eye-wateringly pricey. Well, it's true that if you wander too far onto the wine list of most places, your wallet will start to hurt, but it is possible to eat well and not remortgage. So in this post I've tried to highlight a mix of places at different price points. I've also only mentioned those that I've been to in the last 12 months including Geranium, Radio, Amass, Bror, Relae, Geist, Almanak and Manfred's (which means skipping good meals at AOC and Fiskebar). I've included spots for a quick bite like DOP and Hallernes too, while not forgetting tips on the best of the cakes and pastries. Oh, and I couldn't leave out Tivoli either. So here is my non-definitive guide to eating well in Copenhagen.