Michael Timothy's Local Kitchen, Nashua

MT's was the first restaurant I went to on my initial visit to Nashua. It was with folks from work and I knew I was going to enjoy the job because the food at MT's was great. It's a pretty casual place, which suits me just fine.

On my first visit I ordered the pot roast, mainly because I wanted to try the home made tater tots, and that was mainly because tots had featured in a recent episode of Glee. I was a tot virgin up to that point you see. The pot roast was succulent and so tender. The tots...well, they were deep fried bits of mashed potato basically. Perhaps I don't really "get" American food obsessions, but I'm happy to keep an open mind!

MT's is part of a group of restaurants which includes Surf, just across the street, which specialises in seafood and Buckley's, which is a shrine to the worship of beef. On this trip, we made it back to MT's and Buckley's. This time at MT's I started with the Baked New England Oysters. These are wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with a bit of hollandaise and baked to a golden glow. I'm slightly addicted to these.  In fact I ordered them again the following night at Buckley's for another hot salty hit. I also like the fact that it's a light way to start a meal, especially if I'm eating out for a whole week.

Since I'm in New England, lobster is almost obligatory, so I plump for the special that day. It was seared scallops on a quinoa lobster 'risotto'. I love scallops when they are fresh and sweet and barely cooked and these were perfect. The lobster chunks in the quinoa were like little delicate surprises in every other mouthful. Continuing the pinot theme from my flight, we took the bottle recommended by the waiter. It was from Santa Barbara, and I think I'll stick with wine regions I actually know. I'm quite happy to admit ignorance when it comes to wines from the USA.

Another good meal from MT's then and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Apologies for the fairly crappy photos in this post. My old iPhone doesn't cope well in low light situations.  Oh that reminds me. I have to tell you about Geist, a restaurant in Copenhagen, which is officially the darkest restaurant ever! Well, after MEATLiqor that is. OK, its a tie.


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